The Bat! Professional Edition + Portable

The Bat! Pro Christmas Edition Full Version Portable

The Bat! Professional Portable

The Bat! Professional is very powerful software. Also user-friendly email client for Windows. It has a strong interface and many new different features required in work. Once you have installed The Bat! Professional you recieve at your disposal not just an ordinary email client. The Bat! Professional is something greater. It will facilitate your routine work. Also lessening the time you spend daily for your correspondence. It will adjust itself  to your needs and requirements. It will become your reliable assistant helping you deal with problems that seems unsolvable. It will become even a part of your life and hopefully, a good friend. And we reliable are doing everything to make this friendship as pleasant and comfortable for you as possible. The Bat! Professional welcomes you!


The Bat! Professional Portable  is one of the most popular email clients. You can use them my self for a long time. I want to note that it is quite happy with everything. There are of course completely free alternatives. By which in fact in no way inferior. But as I like to express, everything is a matter of habit. Who tried that before, and he sat on it. In any case, I am pleased to invite all free download. The Bat with our project, if the program you have already registered. You can safely put on top of the old version. The registration is automatically picked up.

The Bat! Professional Portable Full Version

Key Features:

  • Favorite folders option,
  • Strong Encryption,
  • History addresses available,
  • Internal HTML Viewer,
  • Updated interface regularly,
  • Selective download options,
  • Improved text editor by MicroEd,
  • Antivirus interface available,
  • Advanced image viewer module,
  • Safe handling of attached files,
  • More effective technical support,
  • Image Download Manager for background retrieval of HTML images,
  • Support of TNEF format,
  • Smart button safety messages PGP and S / MIME,
  • ASLR and DEP,
  • Capitalization of the recipient,
  • 64-bit version,
  • 32-bit version ,

Video Tutorial:

The Bat! Professional x32 (32 MB)

Mirror 1   |    Mirror 2      |     Mirror 3

The Bat! Professional x64 (35 MB)

Mirror 1   |    Mirror 2      |     Mirror 3

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